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The HP Spectre X360 laptop is the best Cheapest Laptop for College Students

The HP Spectre X360 laptop
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The best laptops for college students has now been evaluated based on reviews and feedback from students and teachers who bought it. The feedback is from an online survey conducted to evaluate why college students need laptops in their studies. The survey targeted students from top universities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom  and Europe.

After the survey, a variety of laptops from various top brand laptop  manufacturers were evaluated based on the feedback obtained from the survey to identify  which laptops met the needs of college students most. This was classified on a grade of 1 to 10 with  a rating of 10 being the laptop that met the needs of all college students most. The final ranking was achieved after factors such as the cost of the laptop, availability of the laptop in the market and the warranty period given by the manufacturers were considered. The HP Spectre X360 laptop scored 10/10 to emerge the best laptop for college students.

This touch screen laptop is a high performer for it cost. Its keyboard is excellent for typing assignments and it has a high speed performance. With an i5 processor, you will never get late with your assignments due to performance issues. It battery last for more than 9 hours allowing you to move around from library to classroom, to school compound or anywhere else you want before having to connect to power charger. Its speakers are wow!! This Laptop will serve all your educational, entertainment and personal uses.

A guide and detailed explanation as to why the above laptop was rated 10/10 as the best for college students

Laptops are delicate equipment that need to be well handled, college students therefore need laptops that are strong and that will not wear out easily because of their being transported from college to home and home to college every day and from one location to another within the college. In addition to the durability of a laptop, college students should also consider getting laptops that meets their needs and that are easy to use and maintain.

College students can opt to go for refurbished laptops or new laptops based on their budget. A refurbished laptop that is rich in features is recommended for first use in college; experienced users may opt for a new or a refurbished laptop. College students also need to evaluate the needs of the college they are going to make sure that the laptop they buy meets the needs of that particular college.

Be wary when buying very expensive laptops for college use, sometimes very expensive laptops could be a burden to students given the fact that, they are people of different origin in the college; some who are good and some who are bad.

The ideal laptop for college students should not be very expensive to attract  the attention of students with bad intentions. Students should make sure that they buy laptops that are just right for college requirements; expensive laptops are ideal for home, work and business uses.

Apart from the college students undertaking technical ICT courses who may require high end and powerful computers, the best laptops for college students should  have the following characteristics.

The features that must be available in the best laptops for college students

Laptops for college students should be light and highly portable

This will allow easy mobility and handling for long time. In many cases, students may want to do their studies in different locations such as in the library, under trees in the school compound, in the classrooms, in the discussion rooms among other locations. A light laptop will allow for easy movement without making the student feel bothered when carrying it around.

  • Laptops for college students should have a DVD drive, at least two USB ports and a memory card slot;

Although this is not a major requirement due to advances in storage technologies. Once in a while once in a while college students may be expected to submit assignment using external media. It is therefore important for laptops for college students to have the capability to write on external media to ensure that students are self reliant during their college life. This however should not hinder you from buying a good laptop as most of the time, college assignments are uploaded online.

Some colleges expect their students to do their assignments using computers. To be able to finish such assignments on time, you should try to get a laptop that has a nice keyboard that is easy to use and that which does not make a lot of noise when typing because you  be expected to type without distracting other students. Imagine being in a library where everyone is typing using a noisy keyboard; this may be unfair to students who are studying in such a library as they will be asking themselves questions like; what are all these students typing? Did I miss an assignment? Among other instead of concentrating on what took them to the library.

The size of the screen adds to portability and the ability of the laptop to fit in the same bag you use to carry your college book. Nobody wants to carry two bags all the time? Make sure that the laptop you buy can fit in a small bag and leave space for some books. This will ease your mobility to and from study and research areas inside and outside college.

An ideal laptop for students should have 250GB of hard drive storage or more. As a college student, you will need to store a lot of information in the computer and to install a lot of software both for academic and research purposes.

The first 50GB space should by default be allocated to computer software and programs files. You can additionally allocate another 100GBs for entertainment uses by storing movies, music, video, games and pictures. The remaining 100GBs can be used for educational purposes to store college assignments, video tutorials, you tube educational videos, educational images and photos among others.

You can still go for a lower capacity hard drive if your budget does not allow for those specifications but keep in mind that a student will most likely than not need all the above items in their computer.

A college student needs a laptop that does not hang due to limited computing resources before they save their work. This problem is often encountered by many college students and can be mitigated by ensuring that they buy laptops with a high speed processor and enough memory. A good laptop for students should have a minimum of i3 processor and 4GB memory. This combined with enough storage space will allow optimal performance to meet the needs of a student.

It is however worth noting that, students pursuing technical ICT courses especially those who may need to install programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio and other design and programming tools which  consumes a lot of memory may need higher specifications of i5 and 8GB memory.

An ICT student may find a computer with an i7 processor and 8GB memory ideal to ensure speed and performance is guaranteed but due to the high cost of  buying such a computer. A well maintained second hand or refurbished computer from eBay or Amazon would be ideal to meet this objective.

A college student needs a laptop with a battery life of 5 hours or more. This is the case because sometimes students may need to carry their laptops to study outside either alone or in discussion groups. Sometime students carry their laptops during school trips to download videos and photos from their camera and create space for more. Additionally, due to high number of students in colleges, it may be impossible to have wall sockets for every student and therefore laptops are charged in turns. You should ensure you have a laptop that keeps keeps power for at least 5 hours to avoid inconveniences.

  • Laptops for college students should have wireless networking Capability – This should actually be among the first features to consider when buying a laptop for a college student. It is a mandatory requirement for all students laptops to have wireless networking capability because students will have to rely on wireless networks throughout their college life. The best thing about this is that all modern day laptops come with wireless networking capabilities and therefore this will not hinder you from buying your favorite laptop.

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